GBP: Scenarios For UK Election & Directions For GBP – Credit Suisse Suisse FX Strategy Research outlines the key scenarios for the UK elections on Thursday and the potential GBP direction for each of them.

  1. “If Conservatives Party Win with a comportable majority of 50 seats or more, there is scope for GBP to pop higher on the result and we would look to sell GBP on such a pop, given our longer-term concerns over Brexit talks and the future for the UK economy.
  2. Meanwhile, a frustatingly tight win for the Consevative Party or results worse than that would likely see GBP gap lower. But as some market participants believe this “bad outcome” actually raises the odds of a “soft Brexit”, we assume a bid would emerge that steadies GBP after its initial gap lower,” Credit Suisse argues.


Source: Credit Suisse FX Strategy Research



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